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About Narada


Strong in R&D

· Narada is placing a heavy emphasis on battery R&D so to generate new products and open up application fields for secondary batteries.

· This R&D effort supports Narada’s Lead Acid and Rechargeable Lithium battery business as also activities in battery systems engineering.

· These activities are carried out in the main R&D center in Linan and at the Lithium battery production facility in Linping, both located close to Hangzhou.

· A total of 215 persons (2014) are engaged in this activity with over 30% of them carrying masters or PhD degrees.

· So to maintain close contact with Academia and the scientific community at large, Narada is hosting several external Chinese and foreign scientists, researchers and consultants at its facilities.

· This helps, with ”out-of-the-box” thinking, in formulating new product strategies and solving production and quality issues.

CNAS Accredited Battery Performance Test Laboratories

· Narada places high value on being able to perform battery qualification tests for both its institutional and commercial customers.

· To ensure full traceability of methods and equipment, its battery test laboratories have been certified to comply with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and China National     Accreditation Board CNAS-CL01 requirements (CNAS L4860).

· Lead acid and Lithium batteries are tested according to both Chinese National(YD/T and GB/T) and International IEC standards.
· Engineers and scientists of Narada are also active in the field of defining Chinese National and International Standards for batteries and battery systems.

Battery Materials Test Equipment

· Rechargeable batteries require a precise and reliable interplay of material for the storage of energy and their operation in the field.

· The research laboratories of Narada are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help its researches to precisely define and optimize the many materials and compounds used in battery design, manufacturing and operation.

Technical Achievements

· Narada has intellectual property rights for its core battery and battery manufacturing technologies and has been granted many Science and Technology Progress awards.

· The patent portfolio of Narada encompasses over 90 patents covering inventions, utility models and designs of electrochemically active materials, cells, batteries and battery storage systems.

Major Projects:

Independent Innovation Products: