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Narada, established in 1994 in Hangzhou/China, has become one of the leading battery manufacturers and global battery suppliers of the world.The main business is the development, manufacturing, sales and service of communication backup, motive power and renewable energy storage batteries and accessories as also their system integration.

Narada has been focusing on high-end industrial batteries and new energy fields. After more than twenty years of development, the industrial layout has expanded from the field of telecommunication backup power supply to new energy storage power, new energy power power supply, environmental resource regeneration and related system integration, and become the leaders of communication, energy storage and resource regeneration industry. And the whole closed industrial chain of "raw material - battery manufacturing - Product Application - operation service - resource regeneration - raw material" has been formed, and an ecological cycle system is constructed to enhance the vitality of the industry.

The leading products are highly reliable Lead Acid batteries of the VRLA type, Lithium-ion cells and batteries and related components and subsystems.These products are widely used in telecom, electric power, railway and other infrastructure industry and are also sought after to store efficiently renewable energy coming from photovoltaic energy and wind farms.

Narada has a strong focus on research and technological development to foster its growth and supply innovative solutions to its customers.Its 300+ R&D staff and the large and well-equipped R&D facility in Linan/Hangzhou secure this goal. The in-house, CNAS accredited laboratory for battery testing and qualification activities facilitates obtaining the necessary type test approvals by its customers.

In order to remain close to the customers’ needs, Narada has established a global sales and services network. Next to the international home base staff in Hangzhou/China, Narada has local supported activities in Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, UK and the USA so to provide fast planning support and efficient and high quality deliveries of battery products to over 150 countries of the world.

In the future, the company will continue to take technology and brand as its core, participate in international competitions, and strive to become the leader in global communications backup power supply, energy storage application power, power supply, environmental protection system regeneration system, and actively promote the global new energy industry. Develop and realize the grand vision of “promoting the smart energy revolution and creating a green and beautiful life”.

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