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NEV(Modularized, BMS Integrated, Communication)

48 V/ 60V

Range summary: NEV (Narada LiFePO4) series is a complete range of 48V LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron phosphate) battery products, for a wide variety of small motive applications, such as E-Bike,E-Scooter,E-Motor, E-Rickshaw, etc.Cyclic application. with advanced life, standard size,fast charge, light weight and strong environmental adaptability.

Technical Features:

• LiFePO4 (LithiumIron phosphate) battery.

• High energydensity, Lightweight, saving space.

• Long cycle lifefor deep cycle.

• Fast chargecapability.

• IntegratedBattery Manage System (BMS) to ensure battery safety and reliability.

• Support parallelconnection to increase capacity.

• IntelligentCommunication: Communicate with the whole vehicle system and charging system, diagnoseand upload battery data and status in real time, realize system informationinteraction and product iterative upgrade.

• No memory effect.

• No gassing.

• High safetyperformance.

• Maintenance free.

Main Applications:

• Motive Power System

• E-Bike

• E-Scooter

• E-Motor

• E-Rickshaw

General Specifications:

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