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Bloomberg: Narada has the second largest energy storage capacity in 2017 May 14,2018

Release time :2018-05-14

Recently, Bloomberg released the global ranking of 2017 energy storage battery vendors based on the database of energy storage projects of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

BNEF has tracked a total of 1.6GW operating grid class energy storage project since 2015. Its proprietary energy storage database has at time of publishing over 1,600 projects.
The report specifically mentions that Narada had a successful year deploying its long-duration lead-carbon technology for large commercial & industrial applications in 2017. The most meaningful project is the Germany PCR project which has completed the first phase for 10MW, and the completion of the overall project will be completed by the end of this year.
Narada is one of the few companies in the world that has mastered the core technologies of lead-carbon and lithium-ion batteries. Through the exploration of commercial energy storage by Narada, it has been clarified that the application of electrochemical energy storage has matured in terms of scale, safety, economy, etc., and has formed a large-scale application.

In the past two years, Narada has led the commercialization of energy storage and made China one of the most active energy storage applications in the world.